Blake St. House


Located in downtown Bentonville, BlakeSt. House is a private, members’ only wellness and social club. The design began with rebuilding the original 1880s farmhouse as well as introducing a 10,000-SF addition to the home. Cantilevers and full-height expanses of glass differentiate between the traditionally-inspired front of the house and distinctly modern addition. The interior concept by FÖDA is a compilation of spaces programmed for every activity – dining, fitness classes, massage and other spa treatments, community workshops, and intimate gatherings. BlakeSt. features a rotating collection of contemporary art curated by OZ Art. The sound lounge features a vintage JBL Paragon Speaker system, the best in hi-fi sound. Blue Crane was the lead developer and worked closely with Ropeswing Group on concept ideation and construction.

301 NE Blake St, Bentonville, AR