The Preacher’s Son


This former church sits right off the historic downtown square. Known for its architectural beauty, the building has a large vaulted ceiling that originally was designed to amplify the voice, before microphones and speakers, so the townsfolk could hear the preacher’s sermons. The center of the vaulted ceiling features a large oak tree that originally stood on the property and was used to support the building. After construction, the bottom was cut off leaving the top section intact. The concept for the restaurant was inspired by the chef, who is a preacher’s son. A focal point of the dining room is George Domek’s art glass installation. To highlight the art glass, the original red brick and plaster was painted a soft white offering a monolithic background. Custom benches at the center of the space allow anchoring elements along the perimeter. In the basement is the Undercroft, a speakeasy that is intentionally dark, moody and known for intimate music performances and events. Blue Crane was the lead developer on this project and worked closely with Ropeswing Group on concept ideation and construction.

201 NW A St., Bentonville, AR