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“What a great morning! Our team is so appreciative of community members for joining us this morning at Bella Vista Country Club. We are looking forward to continuing these conversations with the community and hope to have more to share at the end of the year.”
– Tom Walton, CEO, Runway Group, speaking at Bella Vista meet & greet event


  1. What is Runway? What is Blue Crane?

Runway Group is a holding company making investments in real estate, outdoor initiatives, hospitality, and businesses. Our team lives mostly in Bella Vista or Bentonville. The company was founded by Steuart Walton and Tom Walton, who grew up in Bentonville. Tom is the CEO of Runway. They believe that active, better-connected communities build a more vibrant, joyful place to live and work. Blue Crane is the real estate arm of Runway.

  1. What did you buy? And when will you share a map?

We are still putting together a consolidated map of the purchase. To summarize, Blue Crane purchased 2,700 acres of land in and around Bella Vista. A large chunk of the land is west of the interstate, reaching up to the Missouri border. Back in March, Blue Crane purchased 54 acres of land along Mercy Way that included the shopping center. Additionally, Blue Crane acquired the developer rights from Cooper Communities.

  1. Why haven’t you announced any plans?

We did not make an announcement today because we are in the process of figuring out how the land can be used. This includes an infrastructure survey that will take the rest of the year to complete. We can tell you that we’ll be focusing on outdoor recreation, hospitality and retail investments. We want to do this the right way and that takes time. Whatever we decide to do, we want to be responsible stewards of the land. We are respectful and appreciative of the natural environment that makes Bella Vista what it is.

  1. When will you share more about what you’re planning to do?

We hope to share more once we complete the infrastructure study and have assessed feasibility, at which point we will know more about our plans, timelines, and public input opportunities.

  1. What will happen to the ACC?

We know this is a source of a lot of questions. Building or improving property in Bella Vista is complicated and although nothing will happen right away, we want to make it easier to live or start a business here.


Original Press Release:

Blue Crane Acquires Land, Developer’s Rights in  Bella Vista  

Outdoor Recreation to Play Key Role in Community  

BENTONVILLE, Ark. — Blue Crane, a real estate development company, recently closed an  acquisition that includes the majority of land holdings of Cooper Communities, Inc., in Bella Vista,  Ark. The acquisition includes Cooper’s developer rights as well as approximately 2,700 acres of  undeveloped land located throughout Bella Vista and Benton County.

In March, Blue Crane announced a separate real estate acquisition for approximately 54 acres on  Mercy Way in Bella Vista in three separate deals, including the Sugar Creek Shopping Center.

While it will no longer be the developer, Cooper Communities will continue to own and operate  commercial and residential investments in Bella Vista. Operations of the City and Property Owners  Association (POA) will not change, including the 100+ miles of professionally built multi-use trails  maintained by the City of Bella Vista through an agreement with the POA.

“Blue Crane is focused on creating high-quality, community destinations. Our intent is to be good  partners in realizing Bella Vista’s legacy as a vibrant place to live, work, and play,” said Blue Crane Vice  President Farris DeBoard. The company will provide additional information as plans are developed.

“We understand that this is a big announcement for many people. It is for us, too,” said Tom Walton,  co-owner and CEO of Runway Group, the parent company of Blue Crane. “As we consider our  developments, we plan to bring in the community as part of that process. We believe deeply in Bella  Vista’s tradition of connecting people to nature through cycling, golf, and outdoor recreation, and we  are confident our investments will reflect that.”

Previous Tom Walton quotation provided to Talk Business & Politics: “Growing up here, Bella Vista  was my backyard. We loved exploring all the nooks and crannies of this special place. As the region  becomes a premier destination for cycling, golf and outdoor recreation, we want to preserve Bella  Vista’s tradition of connecting people to nature through our investments locally.”  


About Blue Crane and Bella Vista 

Blue Crane is a development and real estate company that strives to create places for humanity to  flourish in Northwest Arkansas. Located in the heart of the Mountain Biking Capital of the World,  Blue Crane is a trailblazer for projects that connect communities to downtown, life to work, and  entrepreneurs to opportunities.  

Bella Vista, now the third largest city in Benton County by population and the largest by land area,  began in the 1920s as a resort development established by C.A. Linebarger, Sr,. and his brothers in the  areas surrounding Lake Bella Vista. In 1965, Cooper Communities (now based in Rogers, Ark.) began  developing Bella Vista Village as a master-planned recreational retirement community. Cooper  continued developing Bella Vista Village over six decades into a 32,000+ acre community, including  seven golf courses, seven lakes and 39,000 home sites and commercial lots.

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Tanyard Creek Waterfall in Bella Vista, Arkansas